Hello, my name is David Streit and I'm a collaborative artist. I work with musicians and other artists to help them realize their dreams. I exist at the intersection of art and technology. I manipulate sound and music to elicit emotion. I've been pursuing this life-work for over 27 years: to capture lightning in a bottle. However, before we can capture it, we have to set it free...

I love to record ensembles playing together, and I truly believe that's the way to make a compelling record. There's no substitute for the feeling of musicians playing off of each other--that's where the magic is. The secret to getting a great sound lies in selecting the right microphones and then putting them in just the right spot to capture the spark. Mixing is all about listening to the song. The record is hiding in the tracks. My job is to reveal it.

Mixing live concerts is very much like making records in this respect. My goal is to be true to the artist and the music--to present them in the best possible light. To let the song and the vision of the artist be my guide as I use my intuition and experience to craft a soundscape that is compelling and engaging.

I provide producing, recording, mixing, basic mastering, and audio for video services, as well as live sound (FOH and monitors) and remote recording (I have a mobile multi-track recording system). I also offer consultation on recording studio and sound system setup, and I teach private lessons in recording, mixing, and live sound.

My home base for recording here in Portland, Oregon is The Hallowed Halls. Click here to check out the studio.

I have the experience and the equipment required to make your music sound the way it should. I can see your recording project through from start to finish, or give you an edge for tracking, mixing, or overdubs. I will make sure your live event goes smoothly, and that you sound great.